Being The Difference

Being The Difference

Free 2 day Training Event

Being the Difference is a free two-day training course for those with experience of multiple disadvantages. The course will empower and inspire people involved with services, in a constructive and meaningful way that supports co-production.


“Definitely for those who want to get involved in utilising their past lived experiences to positively change systems and services not only locally but also nationally”  Wayne

Learn a whole lot more by watching our very short video here

Thank you so much for the amazing experience on. It was so uplifting to see the training come to life. Seeing the toolkit in action like that – when someone connected their own experience with what they wanted to change and how to do it – was quite something.


Are you getting heard?

Is your voice being lost?

The Gift of Feedback.

As we grow and develop we learn from our environments. Often we learn how NOT to give or receive feedback in way that benefits us and those around us.

On the course we will learn how to give feedback as a gift that helps others to grow and learn how to manage the feedback from those who haven’t had the opportunity to learn the skills that you ARE going to learn.

Are your “labels” holding you back, hiding the real you?

The Incredible YOU

Most of us are judged and treated by the labels that we have been given, and yet behind those labels is an incredible person with a multitude of talents and skills.

During this course you will not only discover your own hidden skills and talents, but will learn how to help others to discover theirs too.

Ever wanted something and then when you’ve got it, it’s not what you want?

Knowing What You Want

Giving back or just changing the world that we live in is what helps us in our own journey of change.

But knowing what we want is the key to getting what we want and what we want to change.

On the course you will learn how to work out what it is you actually want, help others to work out what they want and then how to Ask for it.

Ever wish that you had support in asking for the things you want?

Facilitating a Meeting

Being able to bring people together and sharing what you learn, supporting them to grow, learn and work-out what it is that they want is the gift that you will learn to share. We will be bringing all the learnings from day 1 into a group setting in day 2.

You will also learn; What you need to do before, during and after a meeting – Understanding and Managing Group Dynamics – How to summerise main points – How to overcome your nerves as a first-time Chairperson

"Being the Difference" Book your self onto one of our FREE courses by following the links below

London Aldgate 20th and 21st August 2019 register here “Creative and empowering training”

I am currently using the training to create a volunteer network” L 

“I arrived with a label but learnt that I was resilient, determined, inspirational and brave”

 Inspiring hope where hope is hard to find”


 More dates and locations around the country coming soon

For more information call 020 7840 4413

or email

Thank you again for the wonderful training day. My mind was stretched and enlightened in so many different ways.  You facilitated an inspiring, great space to ignite creative and active discussions surrounding client involvement and I left feeling pretty inspirational. Thank you! L 

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Thank you for the work you did with our chaps. I really appreciate it and I know it was a great confidence boost, so thank you so much. I would personally like it if we could do more stuff with you in the future after seeing the impact you had. Thank you again


I just wanted to say thank you for your training around facilitating service user meetings. The training was great and it was truly wonderful interacting with my peers.


I enjoyed the course tremendously and found that learning in that environment raised my awareness a lot. I will now try to take any opportunity to practise chairing meetings. Constance

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