Letters and shame

Letters and shame I feel it's relevant to share my thoughts and feelings on DWP letters and actions required consistently. shame, guilt, loss of presence in society and the labels. These stick with me in my head and others. Of course, I'll do my best to respond to updates, requests and actions as best I...


Why? Our last post “The glass ceiling” came out of a conversation at our National Advisory Panel whose members are from around the country, all having lived experience of homelessness and / or complex needs. The post stated that “in our experience there is a glass-ceiling for people with lived experience of homelessness. As well...

A last resort?

Every effort should be made so that people do not need to choose between COVID and the cold.

“It’s a humanity thing.”

An independent evaluation of the Homelessness Reduction Act has recommended local authorities to get feedback on service user experiences. We ask ‘Why?’ ‘Why Not?’ and ‘How do we make this happen?’