As people with lived experience of disadvantage, we know that there is an abundance of skills and talents amongst those experiencing homelessness.

However, far too often, the response to ending homelessness works in a deficit way, looking at peoples negatives and trapping us in a negative mind-set. Campaigns depict us as hopeless individuals that need charity to fix us.

We want this to change. We want the support that is offered to focus on our aspirations. We want to be listened too and given a choice over our future. We want the public to understand that we all human beings with skills and talents, hopes and dreams.

During December 2020 we shared some inspirational stories showing who we are. We dispelled the myths that people need to be fixed and instead showing the abundance of talents and skills that we have.

We used the hashtag #HomelessNotHopeless to share your stories, ideas and creativity, and make a difference to how people see us.



I’m homeless not hopeless


I used to be living the dream,
Now I only dream of living.
What’s my choices?
I paid my tax, that is a fact.
I have skills and talent, I have aspirations but who will see?
Who will believe in me?

I looked up and saw me looking down at me.
I’m that homeless person you walked by when you laughed and sniggered at me.
How things can change.
If only you knew.
Maybe just come and ask me?
I'm human ....the same as you.