What is the Welfare Change Lived Experience Group?

Harnessing the wisdom of people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages to improve access to the benefit system.

Who We Are

The Welfare Change Lived Experience Group is a group of experts with lived experience of multiple disadvantage and the social security system.

We are passionate about improving access to benefits for those experiencing multiple disadvantages, and can provide expertise, practical advice and solutions to help overcome the barriers people face.

Our Passion

We can support JobCentre’s, charities and other organisations with advice on:

Reaching people effectively through outreach models, co-location, flexible provision, effective pathways and joined up working

​- Improving access by simplifying forms, data sharing, improving information for claimants and access to medical records and assessments

​- Effective relationships between Work Coaches and claimants, by increasing understanding of homelessness, the causes of homelessness and the effects of childhood trauma, and developing trust through working with advocates