Giving Lived Experience A Voice Within Charitable Boards

With the concept of co-production being a popular topic of discussion, how can we ensure that the inclusion of people with lived experience within Charitable Boards is meaningful and productive, not just tick box and tokenistic?

We urge the Government to reverse its decision to cut Universal Credit

We urge the Government to reverse its decision to cut Universal Credit Expert Link stands with other charities in their call to reverse the decision to cut Universal Credit and to freeze Local Housing Allowance. Without action, many people, in particular families, could fast become homeless. For most claimants, there is already a shortfall between...

Accessing benefits when you’re homeless

Accessing benefits when you're homeless Jackie from the Welfare Change Lived Experience Group outlines the challenges for people accessing benefits, and what the public need to know to best support others.

“A constant cycle”

This month, the Welfare Change Lived Experience Group discussed debt; the experience of being in debt and how DWP can change practices to support people ‘out of the cycle.’

Addiction and the DWP

Addiction and the DWP This is the story of someone in recovery and his experiences of engaging with his local JCP. Every one working for the JCP should listen to this. You fill a form in, 30 or 40 pages if I filled it in wrong the first time, what makes you think I can...

Letters and shame

Letters and shame I feel it's relevant to share my thoughts and feelings on DWP letters and actions required consistently. shame, guilt, loss of presence in society and the labels. These stick with me in my head and others. Of course, I'll do my best to respond to updates, requests and actions as best I...


Why? Our last post “The glass ceiling” came out of a conversation at our National Advisory Panel whose members are from around the country, all having lived experience of homelessness and / or complex needs. The post stated that “in our experience there is a glass-ceiling for people with lived experience of homelessness. As well...