Making co-production accessible and equitable

How do we make sure that everyone has the same opportunity to fully take part in co-production, in a way that suits them best?

We asked attendees of this month's Conversation on Co-production for their experiences and learnings. They came up with 5 top tips for making co-production accessible and equitable:

  1. Get to know your participants and ask people what they want right from the start. Allow them space to self-define and disclose any requirements
  2. Use inclusive language, especially in mixed groups. Don't just use staff jargon as a way to appear knowledgeable
  3. Make sure that everyone involved has a full understanding of what co-production actually means
  4. Be aware of the power dynamics within the group. Bring opportunities to people where it feels comfortable and familiar
  5. Encourage everyone to bring their whole self to the meeting. Ask staff involved to use names, not job titles, and encourage them to share information about themselves as a person

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