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Are you setting up, or want to set up, a group of lived experience within your service or organisation?

here is a marked growth in service user involvement, client involvement and coproduction groups within the voluntary sector.
But setting up a group can be daunting, making it successful even more so.
Our one day training course is designed to give the fundamental knowledge needed to set up and establish you own successful group.

For anyone who wants to be involved in or facilitate key meetings where all stakeholders attend.

During this course we will learn

  • The benefits of having a group.
  • The key three principles that make a group successful.
  • How to recruit a group.
  • Understanding group dynamics and power.

Who is it for?

This is for anyone who wishes to start a group, for those who have a group and are striving to make it successful and for those who are experienced in setting up and managing a group but wish to get a refresh on the fundamentals. This is for anyone working in the voluntary sector along with commissioners and grant providers.


This is a full day online course

Previous attendees

About Expert Link

Expert Link is a peer led organisation championing the voice of people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages, including homelessness, mental health issues, substance misuse, offending and domestic violence and abuse. We advocate for a world where people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages are treated as equal partners in decisions made about our lives.

We have a national network of people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages, using their wisdom to influence local and national policy. Our network is diverse, brought together by a programme of strengths-based training which supports people with lived experience to be involved in service development and influencing national policy change.

We currently manage, curate or support over 10 groups who are creating social change at various levels across the country.

About your trainer

David has experienced childhood trauma, substance addiction, mental illness and homelessness, as well as having been on active service while a member of the armed forces.

He is the founder and CEO of Expert Link. He has over ten years’ experience in coproduction - working at individual, community, organisational, local and national government levels.

He has trained hundreds of people in the art of co-production, including individuals accessing services, frontline workers, middle management, members of senior leadership teams, commissioners, local authority leads and national Government officials.
David has developed numerous groups around the country, is a member of several panels and committees, including the Governments Rough Sleeper Advisory Panel and has been recognised internationally for the work he does.