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Do you want to create changes within yourself or your world? Are you looking for direction and inspiration so that you can take the next steps?

If yes, then The Wealth Within is for you! In these difficult times, Expert Link have developed this free course as a gift to help you identify the incredible skills that you have, give you the tools you need to recognise and ask for what you want, and help you make a positive change to yourself and your world .

The Wealth Within has been developed by people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages, for people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages.

You will learn:

  • How to get past the labels that we carry identifying the true skills and talents that we have as incredible beings
  • The importance of giving and receiving feedback as a way of being kind to ourselves and others
  • What values and purpose are and how they help us create the change we want
  • How to develop what we want, from a flat request to a big picture change!

“I am going to be more creative, trusting and take risks again and restart my life.”

The Gift of Feedback

As we grow and develop we learn from our environments. Often we learn how NOT to give or receive feedback in way that benefits us and those around us.

On the course we will learn how to give feedback as a gift that helps others to grow and learn how to manage the feedback from those who haven’t had the opportunity to learn the skills that you ARE going to learn.

“Another thing which stood out for me was ‘The Gift of Feedback.’ I was nervous but the way David encouraged me and made me feel safe I got up and done it and felt confident even though I was out of my comfort zone.”

“Spreading Love is one of the things that I am going to change in my life”

The Incredible YOU

Most of us are judged and treated by the often negative labels that we have been given, or choose to carry. And yet behind those labels is an incredible person with a multitude of talents and skills.

During this course you will not only discover your own hidden skills and talents, but will learn how to help others to discover theirs too.

“Because of The Incredible You everyone I now meet has skills and abilities and in my personal life on buses and trains I am now viewing everyone like that” - Jon

“We all have something of value to contribute”


Personal values are your central beliefs that guide you. They are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work and inform your decision making and influence your behaviour.

When your decision making and actions match your values, life is usually feels good –when they don't align that's when things feel... well … wrong and can lead to stress ad unhappiness.

On this course we will explore values and learn how to define our own.

“I love the values and will implement them in my practice”


Understanding who we are and having a purpose (or purposes) in life gives us a reason for being, it motivates us to get out of bed in the morning and gives meaning to everything that we do.

Having purpose has enabled people to overcome the most challenging of obstacles to bring fulfillment and happiness into their own lives and the lives of others.

Where our values guide us through the twists and turns of life’s journey, purpose gives us a destination.
On this course we will explore what it means to have purpose and how we can find our own.

Knowing What You Want

Knowing what we want is the key to getting what we want.

On the course you will be given the tools you need to help you work out what it is you actually want and shown how to develop that want into the change you want to see.

“Seeing the toolkit in action like that – when someone connected their own experience with what they wanted to change and how to do it – was quite something”

“’Ask Tool Kit’ really stood out and made me really focused to pursue what I want.”

“Thank you again for the wonderful training day. My mind was stretched and enlightened in so many different ways”


Previous attendees

To date over 1000 fantastic people have participated in Expert Link training. Individual participants have reported successes such as moving into employment, having books published, presenting their own local radio show, picking up recovery, setting up successful homelessness projects, inspired meaningful co-production within their service and creating local networks alongside others aiming to make a positive change to society.

About Expert Link

Expert Link is a peer led organisation championing the voice of people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages, including homelessness, mental health issues, substance misuse, offending and domestic violence and abuse. We advocate for a world where people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages are treated as equal partners in decisions made about our lives.

We have a national network of people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages, using their wisdom to influence local and national policy. Our network is diverse, brought together by a programme of strengths-based training which supports people with lived experience to be involved in service development and influencing national policy change.

About your trainer

David has experienced childhood trauma, substance addiction, mental illness and homelessness, as well as having been on active service while a member of the armed forces.

He is the founder and CEO of Expert Link. He has over ten years’ experience in coproduction - working at individual, community, organisational, local and national government levels.

He has trained hundreds of people in the art of co-production, including individuals accessing services, frontline workers, middle management, members of senior leadership teams, commissioners, local authority leads and national Government officials.

David has developed numerous groups around the country, is a member of several panels and committees, including the Governments Rough Sleeper Advisory Panel and has been recognised internationally for the work he does.