5 Top Tips for Balancing Power in Co-production...

1. Prioritise Transparency and Open Communication: Be honest and transparent with all participants about the process, expectations, and potential challenges. Open communication helps build trust and ensures everyone's voices are heard.

2. Offer Training to All Participants: Provide training not only to those with lived experience but also to professionals and decision-makers involved in co-production. This levels the playing field and ensures that everyone understands the process and its goals.

3. Establish Common Ground and Connection: Create opportunities for participants to connect as individuals rather than solely as roles. This can be achieved through training, open discussions, and co-designing safe spaces for collaboration. Building common ground fosters a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

4. Challenge the Status Quo with Bravery: Encourage individuals to challenge established norms and power structures when necessary. Being brave in advocating for more inclusive and equitable practices can lead to positive change.

5. Celebrate Successful Co-Production Outcomes: Share and celebrate instances where co-production has led to positive results. These success stories can inspire others to get involved and demonstrate the value of diverse perspectives, especially during challenging times.

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